Saturday, January 03, 2009

3. To answer a question.

Have I mentioned how much the Infanta loves the kitties?

My brother asked yesterday: Ok, so I have to ask. What's the diffrence between this and the other wraps you own?

I own one other wrap. Well, two if you count the rebozo, which I have more as a doula tool than as a baby carrier. I also have a mei tai (which I made myself) and a ring sling (which Amy made me), both of which I use frequently. My wrap is homegrown; it started as a piece of cloth from my costume stash (actually a length I acquired a decade ago to use as a turban) which I cut in half lengthwise so that I could have a wrap and a turban. I have yet to hem the raw edges, although I really should. It is lightweight but sturdy woven fabric, and I haven't ever really used it much, because of the learning curve, my laziness, and fact that I'd never washed the fabric, so it was very stiff with dye, making it very difficult to adjust. I did wash it recently, but haven't gotten around to playing with it. Maybe I'll take it to the babywearing meeting next week for some help.

The wrap I have coming to me is commercially made of jersey (knit fabric to those in my audience less fabric savvy than me). This makes a hyooge difference in ease of use - for one, you can adjust it before you put the baby in! Not something you can do with the woven wrap.

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