Sunday, January 11, 2009

11. Maybe it's the time of year?

The Infanta and Grandpa at family Christmas, New Year's Day.

I really admire Norma for not only posting daily for over a year now, but for always having interesting things to post. Or maybe they're just interesting to the rest of us, and she thinks it's all trivial and uninteresting, but posts anyway? Hard to tell sometimes.

All I know is that January's always been the worst time of year for me, and the last few days I've felt like I couldn't get enough sleep. I even got to the point of "touched out" last night, with the Infanta and her 9 pm wakings (which we handle by letting her play with us (usually Daddy) for a while, and then it's lights out and she's swaddled and into the cosleeper, where I lay a hand on her until she's out), and my having wanted to go to sleep at 7.

But we did have a funny moment the other night; Daddy had just turned the lights off while I was nursing Herself (trying to get her asleep), and while she was having none of that, she clawed at the side of my breast rather painfully. I said "Ow"; Daddy gently said something about "Don't hurt Mommy", and she gave a rousing raspberry. I honestly don't know if the timing was intentional - my guess is not - but it was so perfect that Josh and I laughed and laughed.


wavybrains said...

What is it with January? This is my least favorite month too!

caramama said...

Ha! It was totally an intentional raspberry! I'm sure of it. She has perfect comedic timing, that one.

You know how I hate January and the rest of winter, so I won't even go on about that.