Sunday, April 29, 2007

I am totally exhausted this evening (aside from the reviving effects of a long hot bath), but ecstatic as a brand shiny new offcially trained doula! Now I have to find some births to attend so I can get certified... which shouldn't be too hard, really, the local doula is massively overbooked!

I'm really looking forward to begin praticing for real, even though I'm pretty apprehensive about that part where I've never actually had any labor or delivery experience of any kind. I was realizing late this afternoon that actually, being a doula is right perfect for the service part of my faith (as much as I actually follow any particular specific path): Starhawk's ideas (which have influenced me as much as anything) more or less require some sort of service to the planet/world community. She does hers through protests and the like, but although I have strong opinions about many issues, I'm not the protesting type. This to me seems a sort of service much more in line with my own ideals; it's practical, it's zomg useful, and it's actually, more or less quietly, pretty radical and society-rocking. And woman-centered!

One of the other women at the workshop told me tonight, as we were all beginning to part, that she loved the idea that I was openly, shamelessly spiritual in a non-Christian way. She said somethings about how if you're not Christian, you're sort of not allowed to be spiritual, and that she found it pretty liberating that I am. I've never found that, but I come from a much different place, one where I was encouraged to make my spirituality where I found it, and I have never pretended to be what I am not in this regard, never been in the "broom closet". I'm not always blatant about it, either, if the situation would make that bad, but I don't deny it. I hope that I can be of use to the Pagan community hereabouts, as some of the other ladies at the workshop intend to have a Christian focus for their work.

I discovered at some point today that I made a booboo on my Argosy. I'll have to rip pretty far back... but that's probably ok.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Saturday night, one more day of doula workshop to go.. but man do I feel good! If exhausted. I'd been feeling uncertain about my ability to do this, especially without shadowing a more experienced doula, and especially since I have absolutely no experience with laboring mothers of any kind. However, sometime today, in the midst of labor roleplay, I suddenly knew that I could do this, that if I had to, I could walk out of the workshop at that moment and straight into my first birth, and do fine. Of course I have tons to learn, and I would be much happier with some apprenticeship, but I know that I have the basic skill, and definitely the right instincts for this work. And one day to go!

However, labor roleplay and massage practice don't leave nearly as much time for sock knitting as lecture does, so I didn't get as much done on my current sock today as I'd hoped; I'm only partway down the heel flap. :( On the other hand, my knitting has brought up comments about knitting in particular as well as other activities to do while passing time during a labor. *And* a couple of my fellows were asking about learning... including one who asked about knitting socks! The infection spreads... *maniacal laughter*

Friday, April 27, 2007

The first day of the doula workshop was exhausting, but amazing. I felt like we spent about 3 days in the 8 hours. Teacher-sama promises that today at least will be slower... I did get quite a bit of my new Argosy done. Have I mentioned I hate not having a digicam? *sigh*

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The blue-and-green scarf went well; I finished the fringe with about 20 inchs of yarn left! I'm brilliant!

Today's going to be a day of doing housework and prepping for my doula workshop that's occupying the next 4 days. I'd really rather not go into it with laundry, dishes, vacuuming, or unfnished socks hanging over my head, so I'm feeling ambitious (for me) and going to attempt to do all those things. Ok, the sock just needs its ends woven in. ^^; I really don't want to leave piles of dirty dishes hanging over our heads tho, and they are beginning to accumulate! I hate that.

My copies of Knitting Rules! and The Yarn Harlot Casts Off! arrived yesterday, and along with much laughter and actually a couple of tears I found a solution to a sock woe that has slowly been making myself noticable. My standard recipe fits just fine when I put them on, and then slowly loosens with wear, so that the socks start flipping around on my feet. I didn't even realize this was an issue until I made a pair that didn't! Steph remarks that this is a gauge issue, and recommends going down a needle size or two. I'm leery that this will make it hard to pull the socks on over my heels (I reeeeelly hate that!), but I ripped out a sock I had started, and am restarting it on 0s instead of 1s. Do I indeed have remarkably slender feet? I never thought so, but maybe I do. I'll have to report back about how the smaller gauge sock fits.

Friday, April 20, 2007

I know, I know, dropped-stitch scarves are so 3 years ago... but I have one I made 3 years ago, and I love it and wear it all the time. So when I was at my LYs the other day looking for some Noro for another Argosy, and I encountered a single ball of glorious blues and greens, I couldn't say no. Assuming I can stand to work with my #13 straights for the length of it, I'll have a blue-and-green dropped-stitch scarf to go next to my rose dropped-stitch scarf.

I've really gotten turned on to scarves recently as accessories. I spend a lot of time being just a little bit chillier than I'd really like, especially when I'm not at home (and so can't turn the heat up to my preferred sub-tropical!), and scarves help add just a little extra layer of warmth. Once I put them on, I rarely notice them, they're so comfy! So, making another in a colorway I don't have one in is semi-dorky, but practical.

That same reasoning goes for the Argosy I'm planning to make during the doula workshop... I'm not obsessed! I swear! Just chilly around the edges.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

So Mom emailed me excitedly the other day about how the lovely Ann over at MasonDixon had posted a link to a tidbit about our favorite Yarn Harlot that neither of knew before: she's a doula. I found this news tremendously exciting and inspiring, as next week I take my first big step towards becoming a doula myself. I mean, here's a person I find amazing and inspiring anyway, for her humor, knitting and other fiber skills, and writing, and here she's also a member of a profession I'm about to join! I'm devastated! Steph, you are my hero. Seriously.

On other fronts, I have been inspired by Norma yet again, this time in the realm of socks. I may someday posess the blog skillz to add the Magic 28 button to this page, but until then this link will have to do.

Edit: I decided to actually look around at the tools provided to me, and not only did I join the webring successfully, but I also added it to my page! whee! I r 1337!

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's been over a month again... so hard to make myself post when I can't post pictures! But I've been traipsing all over Knit-Blogistan posting this url, so I figure I may as well put *something* up for whoever might possibly peek.

Finished the sweater: it's yummy and warm and I need to reblock the ribbing with steam.*grumbles* href="">Argosy... which is naturally lovely and yummy and warm, as well. I can't let myself wear it with the sweater of the same yarn, tho... too much lavender. *cry* I guess I need to make another in a different color... *plots*

Now I'm working on a Shedir (if you want a pattern, go to Knitty and look it up) and a Baby Surprise Jacket and a pair of Nancy Bush twisted rib socks... among other things. Like housework. And using the God-gun on the cats. And my Netflix queue... And (emboldened by Norma's comments this evening) getting back to nursing my spiritual side.

I'm really looking forward to my Doula workshop later this month. It's a huge change for me, completely different from the academic career I'd always imagined for myself, but I think it'll be a good one, especially if I am able to pursue it all the way to my far-off misty vision of becoming a nurse-midwife.