Thursday, April 19, 2007

So Mom emailed me excitedly the other day about how the lovely Ann over at MasonDixon had posted a link to a tidbit about our favorite Yarn Harlot that neither of knew before: she's a doula. I found this news tremendously exciting and inspiring, as next week I take my first big step towards becoming a doula myself. I mean, here's a person I find amazing and inspiring anyway, for her humor, knitting and other fiber skills, and writing, and here she's also a member of a profession I'm about to join! I'm devastated! Steph, you are my hero. Seriously.

On other fronts, I have been inspired by Norma yet again, this time in the realm of socks. I may someday posess the blog skillz to add the Magic 28 button to this page, but until then this link will have to do.

Edit: I decided to actually look around at the tools provided to me, and not only did I join the webring successfully, but I also added it to my page! whee! I r 1337!

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