Friday, April 20, 2007

I know, I know, dropped-stitch scarves are so 3 years ago... but I have one I made 3 years ago, and I love it and wear it all the time. So when I was at my LYs the other day looking for some Noro for another Argosy, and I encountered a single ball of glorious blues and greens, I couldn't say no. Assuming I can stand to work with my #13 straights for the length of it, I'll have a blue-and-green dropped-stitch scarf to go next to my rose dropped-stitch scarf.

I've really gotten turned on to scarves recently as accessories. I spend a lot of time being just a little bit chillier than I'd really like, especially when I'm not at home (and so can't turn the heat up to my preferred sub-tropical!), and scarves help add just a little extra layer of warmth. Once I put them on, I rarely notice them, they're so comfy! So, making another in a colorway I don't have one in is semi-dorky, but practical.

That same reasoning goes for the Argosy I'm planning to make during the doula workshop... I'm not obsessed! I swear! Just chilly around the edges.

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Anonymous said...

Go you on the scarves. Have you any pictures??
Always being cold myself I used to wear them constantly, until the kids started yanking them... Now I do neckwarmers, and very quick and practical they are indeed!