Wednesday, January 21, 2009

21. How I get what done? and a reenactment

Well, crap. I had a nice long post going about getting stuff done around here (inspired by Bethany), and I did something, and it disappeared. Damn frozen fingers. Short answer: not nearly often enough, mostly while the Infanta's asleep or while Daddy's home.

Here is a rough reenactment of the reason the Infanta doesn't get to sleep by herself in our bed anymore. I left her napping the other day; not nearly long enough later, we heard her waking over the monitor. I tried to ignore it, hoping she'd go back to sleep, and a couple of minutes later, heard her squealing. I dashed in to find her headfirst in the wastebasket, and laughed so hard as I pulled her out that Daddy came running, too. I wish I'd thought to get pictures at the time, but I couldn't just leave her there, you know? Anyway, if she falls asleep deeply enough to be moved, and I can't be with her in the big bed, she gets moved to the cosleeper now (and to the crib when we get it).


Karinda said...

by the second kid, you'll totally go get the camera first! LOL By the third, they're juggling knives.

caramama said...

That's too funny!

Rachel said...

i would have yelled for daddy to get the camera before i took her out-- that's the kind of picture you can use for humiliation and blackmail when she becomes a teenager :P