Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Infanta's Party

The Infanta's First Birthday Party

Yes,it was almost a week ago now. What can I say,it's been a rough week.

As usual, click on the album. I didn't get comments on the pictures up yet; I may this weekend, or I may not. Don't hold your breaths, though!

eta: Did what I could to fix the link issue.


Barbara said...

Uh, oh, I tried to look at the album, but no luck. it says either I don't have privileges, or the album is not really there. help1

JJCoolB said...

The link is broken or something. When you click on the link, then click on the "View K8's Gallery" link. That'll show you all of her galleries - and the birthday party one is in the list.

Batty said...

Couldn't see it either...

Barbara said...

That's better! I can't even begin to say how I feel looking at these pictures, or how much I wanted to be there. I love that she got books, and her reaction to them . . . I'd say we have a reader! I also bet I could tell who found Big Dog Little Dog. By the way, was Tom there? I saw Alex in the pics, but not him.

nicola said...

happy first!!!!