Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hot stuff!

I haven't updated as much recently, but life has been pretty rough, not leaving much time for frills like blogging. And then a bloggable moment happens, and I have to capture it, or regret it forever.

The Infanta ha been somewhat slow to be interested in solid foods. We've been offering her bits of this and that off our plates since she was around 5 months, but she's never been very interested. Lately, however, she's really taking off with the solids, in some very surprising ways. For example, the last few times we've had chili, she's hung around our knees begging for her share (I admit it, we eat in the living room more often than at the table - but we do eat together!).

Tonight I made curry. I make curry probably a couple of times a month, usually with a favorite curry paste - we get it mild, not being much on spicy-hot foods generally. Tonight, I used a jar of curry paste I found somewhat randomly at WinCo, and it turned out quite a bit spicier than usual; not bad (although my mom couldn't eat it), just enough to let you know you're alive. And to reach for the rice and chai. Now, we have noticed on other occasions that the Infanta will eat rice, particularly with gravy from chili or curry or the like mixed in, so it wasn't a huge surprise when she indicated that she wanted some out of our bowls. Usually, though, she's been satisfied with a taste, and then moves on to whatever shiny is next. This time? A taste. Then another. Then, while I was in the kitchen starting a pot of chai, Daddy asks me to bring out a spoon - she's practically licking it off the table. With Mama-wisdom, I brought not only a spoon, but also a bowl of her very own, and filled it with a good couple of tablespoonsful of rice-with-curry-gravy out of my own bowl... and she ate it. All but a couple of teaspoonfuls. All together, she probably ate a good quarter cup of rice and curry gravy. Did I mention it was spicier than our usual? Oh, and she was so excited about eating that she was actually going out of her way to take unsupported steps to get to it.

Someone tell me that mine isn't the only kid that prefers savory over sweet foods?


Snarfy said...

Eli loves the spice, but he loves his sugar too. Eli would probably eat flaming hot cheetos, dipped in hot curry, wrapped in a habenero pepper, and then dipped in fire sauce. He is out of control!

Barbara said...

What about those pickles at Christmas? They'll probably learn to dislike those foods as their tastebuds change, but enjoy it while you have it. And I know I'm alive; don't need any hot peppers to tell me that; don't need the pain either.
Love to all + xoxoxoxo

Batty said...

What do you know! You have a kid who didn't want solids because they were too bland for her! Go figure.

My mom can pretty much suck hot sauce out of a bottle. She has also always been partial to those little dried red peppers that singe your mouth off and anything else that's spicy beyond belief -- from childhood on.

Becoming Mommy said...

Sasha isn't the hugest fan ever of super spicy (serious digestive issues follow), but he's definitely not a fan of sweet.

He'd rather have an herbed seafood or turkey dish than a cookie any day.