Saturday, June 20, 2009

Black Sheep 2009

I finally made it to the famous Black Sheep Gathering! I went with a couple of friends from my local knitting group and assorted spouses and offspring; Snarfy and Mia and I (and the Infanta and Snarfy's boys and husband) carpooled down, and met some other friends there, including Stephania and her husband and houseguest.

I was surprised to find that this year,at least, BSG was actually smaller than Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival; from everything I've heard, I expected it to be bigger. Of course, I didn't check out the wool show, or take any classes...

I also didn't take nearly as many pictures as I wanted. Before lunch, I was a woman on a mission: I had $20, and I wanted to find a new spindle, a smallish one, and maybe a little roving to spin on it. I did finally find a spindle, and I had enough left over to buy a single ounce of merino roving - and I even got a chance to spin a little of it! After lunch, we went and visited the sheep again, and this time I had my camera out. I'm not skilled enough with a camera to take exactly the pictures I'd like, but I hope I captured at least some of the Infanta's delight and utter fascination with the big furries!

Black Sheep 2009

I've been slacking with the blogging lately. So easy to let it fall by the wayside when life gets rough, and then so hard to get back into the habit...


Barbara said...

When you want more roving, and can afford it, Rose and Ram in Independence might be a good place to look. I want to go there anyway, when I come; they had some blue-faced Leicester yarn I wanted to try. Here's hoping they still have it;) Meanwhile, your pix of the Infanta make me ache. Must convince Peter. Know any Daleks?
xoxox mom

Helen said...

I'm teaching a drop spindling class July 11th and 18th at Have You Any Wool. Let me know if you need some more roving and I can get it with the class supplies and get a better price! Love the pics with the Infanta and the Shetlands, wonder what the sheep were thinking?