Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Will Ceases Never Wonder

Just a short post, it's time and past to get the Infanta to bed. But she's making astonishing strides - leaps and bounds, even! - towards walking unassisted. She's standing spontaneously, unsupported, and unassisted, and not simply toppling when she can't maintain the pose. She will often put a hand out and lean on a nearby object, or if none is handy, sit in stages rather than just falling on her butt. Just a few minutes ago, excited to share a toy with me, she even took an unsupported step between the nearest piece of furniture and the couch where I was sitting!

I keep saying this, but it hasn't stopped being true. We're doomed!


Mama Nirvana said...

Walking is SOOOOOO much better than crawling, at least in my experience. There are just a few more scrapes, but so much less dirty clothes and frustration. I can't wait for Sam to walk, but I think we've got at least a month to go.


caramama said...

But it's a good doomed! Mostly... ;-)