Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things you think about

...when it's 4:30 AM and your coughing is keeping you awake after a nursing session.

Like: which of these is inherently sillier?

This first is the song only. I heard it first on an acquaintance's blog (which I would link to, but it appears she's gone private) a few weeks ago, and then again while I was sitting at Jamba Juice yesterday. This whole thing came up because I woke up with it stuck in my head.

And I can't find the second video I wanted! I direct your attention, gentles all, to the scene in Muppet Treasure Island where the native pigs dance around the stake to which our heroes are tied, singing an eerie chant which eventually resolves into "Boom Shaka Laka Laka".

As I was contemplating the contrast, a third example occurred to me; again, I couldn't find a video clip. On an episode of Babylon 5, Commander Ivanova is told to show a random ambassador around the station and generally be a good host. It eventually turns out that part of what this ambassador considers good hospitality includes participating in a mating ritual. Naturally taken aback by this request, the Commander thinks quickly and does a cheerleader-like dance while chanting Boom Shaka Laka Laka, culminating in orgasmic sighs. The ambassador, not impressed, accepts the dance, but says that when she visits his world, they'll do it "his way". Forgive me if I have details off; I saw the episode fifteen or so years ago, and a quick scan of the episode summaries on Wikipedia showed no obvious candidates.

Anyway. Back to bed.


Batty said...

Actually, I think Ivanova is trying to negotiate a treaty, and the way this particular alien race seals treaties is through intercourse. I have to admit that I spent waaaaaay too much time trying to figure out a possible use for the "gift" he gives her at the end of the episode.

You know, for some reason, the whole Muppet Treasure Island thing combined in my head with H.P. Lovecraft. Now I have a "video" of Boom Shaka Laka singing Muppet cultists in my head, thank you very much...

Katie said...

Was that what it was? Well, I did see the episode when it aired and not since... you'll forgive me for forgetting such details... ;)

I had to lol at the idea of a Cthulhu Muppet. Or maybe that's how Nyarlethotep is summoned?

caramama said...

Ha! Batty is right about the episode, but I'm impressed with your memory of the ep. Which is definitely the silliest of the three, to me.