Thursday, February 12, 2009

This just in!

The Infanta had her first tooth finally come in late last evening. I knew it was imminent, as I had been able to see it (and the one next to it, so she'll have two soon) for a couple of weeks, but as with all such things, exact timing was impossible to predict.

I feel like a bad mom on some levels for not connecting the teeth just below the surface with a number of behaviors she's been showing recently - frequent nursing, poor sleep, generally escalated fussiness (like the two hour crying jag night before last), and that adorable one-sided dubious smile she's been sporting since Sunday. I didn't connect that last until I remembered at just before 6 this morning she that must be in pain. When I turned the light on to give hers some Motrin, I saw that her face was tense on the side of the tooth, but not the other. Duh!

On the other hand, I can't feel too bad, really - for one, this is my first time at all this, and no book can really tell you what exactly to expect. For another, every kid reacts differently, and the Infanta's been showing possible signs of teething on and off for the last six months!! Also, since she can't tell me what's going on in English, I have to interpret the signals she does give me, and they could mean so many different things that I have to guess. I mean, she isn't generally fussy unless there's something specific - but which specific is it? Hunger? Tiredness? Pain from a bonked head? And why has she been bonking her head so much lately? Well, I guess now I know.

In the 16 hours she's had the tooth, she's managed to bite me twice, but that's not even the main reason I already miss her toothless grin.

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