Friday, February 06, 2009

37. Random Friday

1. I hate memes, so despite having been tagged at least half a dozen times in the 25 Random Things About Me meme on Facebook, I will not be participating.

2. I really, really want to get pregnant again. I'm thinking that March would be a good month to conceive - the Infanta would be around 18 months old when the new baby was born, and it would be decent timing with my potential and actual clients due this fall.

3. In line with #2, I think that the reason my period has been sucking so much this week is that it's a missed pregnancy - an egg was fertilized, but failed to implant. I'm a teeny bit saddened, but mostly annoyed at the mix of a truly craptastic period and a truly craptastic cold.

4. I've had really bad startitis in the last month or so. Depression combined with more stash than I'm used to = lots of ideas for starting things, and not all that much interest in followthrough. Never fear, Mom, I will finish your socks! especially since I'm using those spiffy square needles. :D But I also have some great ideas for sewing projects... not to mention wanting to corral and organize all my needles... Have I mentioned my recent strange fascination with amigurumi?


Taoknitter said...

I have a cold, too...I hope you feel better soon.

Nice to hear from you! I will come back and catch up!

wavybrains said...

Feel better! I'm sorry it was such a crappy week!

So, um, you would be having the equivalent of Tavy + a newborn? You are a brave, brave, brave woman. :)