Saturday, February 07, 2009

38. Infanta update

She's too aware of the camera to get a truly candid shot these days, but here's a pictures of the Infanta playing with the fork I'd pulled out to eat my lunch with yesterday. As you may guess, I got myself another fork. She's zipping around the house on all fours now; at one point yesterday I was here on the computer, and she just sort of took off out of the room. Fifteen or twenty minutes later, I came out of the office, and she was nowhere to be seen. I called her name a couple of times, and found her coming out from the direction of the bedroom. She's very happy just kind of exploring on her own, although she does tend to prefer to explore in company - in other words, follow me around. Also, if I'm sitting still and she's exploring, she'll come up to my feet when she wants to be picked up (and usually nurse). She'll come up to Josh's too, but since I'm in charge more often...

No teeth yet, but if I look at her bottom gum, I can see the top edges of her very front teeth, just ready to pop up any time. I'm still not in any hurry!

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