Friday, February 20, 2009

Signs of Spring

The days have been almost warm at times recently - mid 50s is almost warm, right? - and somewhat sunny, so we've been getting out and walking a bit. Wednesday I popped the Infanta in the stroller and we wandered around the neighborhood for almost an hour, ending with a good fifteen or twenty minutes at the park, watching some kids play. She so wanted to join them! But I'm thinking that crawling + bark dust = bad news, so while I let her stand at my knees, I didn't let her crawl off.

While we were walking, I found a yard all bordered in crocuses! Just beautiful. I pointed them out to Herself, who I think noticed... hard to tell, you know? I saw another yard, a big one, with a whole array of raised beds; no bed boxes, just long rows of heaped earth. Some were full of grasses, some were heaped with straw, a couple still had onions, and there was one section with plastic support over it - obviously protecting something against cold.

Thinking about these yards makes me appreciate what's going on in my own yard more. Around the edges of the house, the camas lilies, daffodils, and irises all have leaves about two inches tall, and I'll bet that if I went into the back yard I'd find that the tulips were doing the same thing.

It won't be winter forever!!!

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Lamentation said...

Yes, yes it will, We will have a winter that lasts a thousand years!!

*starts goose stepping around the blog singing 'Winter, Winter Ueber alles, ueber alles in der Welt!'*