Monday, April 06, 2009

New Hotness

Last night, I finished the soft structured baby carrier I've been making. I already want to make another one, just to put into practice the things I learned making this one. Things like: don't second-guess the way the pattern tells you to attach the straps. If I'd done it the way the pattern said, I'd have saved myself a couple of hours' work. Oh, well, I never do do things the easy way first..

Since today was GORGEOUS (Oregon likes to tease its inhabitants with a taste of what spring could be like at this time of year), I got together with Bethany and another friend this morning to stroll around downtown and give the carrier a good test drive. It passes with flying colors! I carried the Infanta around for a good couple of hours, with both toddler-chasing and some easier strolling, and I was never uncomfortable. So yay! $30, a dip into the stash, and ~12 hours (that's a generous estimate, btw, I didn't count) work later, and I have a sweet carrier.


Mama Nirvana said...

What pattern did you use? I still need to sell my Calyx, and maybe I'd like to sew a carrier instead of try out a different one that I may not like. Where did you buy your clips?


Katie said...

I used the free SSC pattern from TBW

I got the buckles from REI. Next one, I'm driving up to Clackamas, because I couldn't get all the webbing here! The adjustable portion of the shoulder straps are made of cotton, which was very difficult to work with.

You are welcome to try this one as a model for that pattern, as I didn't alter it.

Katie said...

a second try at that link:

caramama said...

It's gorgeous!!! When I see things like that, I wish that I sewed. You did a fantastic job.