Thursday, April 09, 2009

Just us girls

Tonight's the first night of me missing the D&D game to take care of my baby. On the one hand, I want to play, dangit! On the other hand, I'm not missing the posturing and drama that tend to go with the group's get-togethers. I'm looking forward to sitting down with a movie and some of Amy's Toasted Coconut-Chocolate Chunk Yummies! The which I've been craving for several days now, and am finally getting around to making.


Mama Nirvana said...

Ooooooh! I haven't made those since my birthday. Need to make a batch soon, for sure.


Lamentation said...

Yeah, you may have heard... it was a good one to miss.

caramama said...

I've had to miss a bunch of poker games for the same reasons you talked about earlier. Bring the Pumpkin was just way too much work for everyone. Every now and then, we ask my mom or the nanny to babysit on the poker day (once a month on a Saturday).

At least you are finding fun things to do instead. And those cookies sound good!

Stacey said...

If you need any help eating these, just let me know!