Monday, March 02, 2009

Posting from the living room!

Okay, posting from the lappy will cease to be shiny soon (maybe).. but I'm still excited, so bear with me.

Some of you know I had hopes for getting knocked up this last cycle; it's an official not this time. Disappointing, but in all practicality, not a bad thing, especially not with a client due three weeks before I would have been! So, I can focus on trying hard this cycle. Don't be surprised if either of us is more tired than usual... ;)

One of the ladies
from my local knitting group is an actual factual designer, and she has been working on a sock design recently that's likely to be published in a magazine (like, one you have to pay for). What's shiny about it for me is that I volunteered to test knit the design. So, I have a brand-new sock design on my needles, that I have to get finished expeditiously, and so I have the double bliss of a cool new pattern before almost anyone else, *and* I'll have a new pair of socks done for me before I'd be finished otherwise. Too bad I can't show them to you.

This assumes knitting time. The Infanta is in yet another iteration of her secret identity as Velcro Girl (now, with Static Cling!), and can hardly bear to be out of my arms, let alone be across the room or anything else so dastardly and inhumane, such as (gasp) being held by her father! Yes, Mom, I know about how I decided, at 3 months old, that I didn't want to be held by anyone but you; consider this karmic payback. But really, did I try to pull your face off when I was nine months old? (Probably.)

I had plans for the day that included the shocking idea of going out. So I should probably wrap up this post and get on to parts of my day like getting dressed, don't you think?

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Karinda said...

laptops are freakin' awesome! your excitement is understandable and i am posting this comment from the same place i do all my computer work, my bed :)