Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Garden Dreams

I made a sizable Amazon order with a portion of our tax return, and among the books I ordered (and received today) was one I hadn't known about until mere moments before ordering it. I had already decided I wanted a copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma (fantastic book, I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the politics of food - which you all should be!), but when I made a search for it, I found Second Nature also recommended. When the box containing this portion of my order arrived today, I had to make a choice about which eagerly-awaited volume to crack first. It was actually something I had to think bout; I'd read Omnivore's Dilemma, but I've been wanting to read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle pretty strongly too. Still, my desire to garden is always pretty intense at this time of year, so the gardening book won. Astonishingly, I've already read two or three chapters... but this wasn't supposed to be a review of that book, but rather an outline of what I want to do with my garden.

I got ambitious this year - but I always do. I just have half a chance of realizing my dreams this year! Maybe. At that, I confined myself to vegetables I think we have a good chance of actually eating, veggies we like.

Seeds I bought:

a mix of flowers to cut
a mix of heirloom tomatoes
a lettuce mix
mustard greens
snap peas
blue lake beans
cranberry beans (to dry)

I'm expecting to need to use containers if I want to try to grow all of these, especially since so many want "hot, well drained, sunny" locations. I have yet to go do anything with my garden beds this year, and they're not that big; perhaps I need to go invest in some bricks to make new ones! I may also need to remove (or maybe just move) one or two of the rosebushes along the south-facing fence. Expect blood.

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