Friday, April 11, 2008

Has it really been a month?!

...I guess it has. sheesh.

I'd love to post some up-to-date pics of the house and my 32-week belly, but honestly, I don't have any. I was out in the yard a little bit ago, doing a bit of work on one of the raised beds that was already in place, and exhausted my (feeble) store pulling the top layer of greens off the bed and then hoeing about half of it before my body declared me done. This is the smaller of the beds, mind you, at about 4' x 5'. I was going to take my camera out with my lunch for digital proof of my efforts... but I forgot, and now I'm too limp to want to go back out. Soon, my friends... I promise. Probably.

This is not me this week. This is me two weeks ago, at my brother's wedding, where I was a witness - if it had been larger and/or less casual, I would have been Best Woman, but meh. It was still lovely. I would post more pictures, but I don't have the permission of the people involved, so I won't. This is as close to a belly shot as I've taken in the last month!

There has been knitting, but again, I'm too limp at the moment to want to fish it out and have it meet the camera. So I'll post it another time.

For now, this is proof I'm alive! As if my novel-length comments on everyone's blogs aren't enough. ;P


Lamentation said...

What, you? Wordy responces? I'm shocked, shocked I tell you.

You have permission. At least from me.

But I wants copies too!!!

Your Brother.

Taoknitter said...

You are beautiful!!