Monday, March 17, 2008

Updates in the Life

First, I give you belly pics, because I know you all are just panting to see them:

And now, what's really exciting:

This is our house! Ok, technically the bank owns it... but don't banks technically own most people's houses? This one's ours; we got the keys on Friday, and we've been taking several trips a day since, moving smaller pieces. This is why I'm late posting belly pics this time. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

It's not a big house - barely bigger than our apartment - and the brown isn't all that great, and the astroturf on the front porch has GOT to go asap... but it's ours! It was built in 1915, and for all its age and oddities, it's really lovely inside, with tons of cabinets in the kitchen and gorgeous moldings around every conceivable doorway and other opening, and a wood stove, and quite a nicely large back yard. It needs some love (read: elbow grease) here and there, but truly, it was an amazing house to find in our price range and time frame, not to mention the very nice neighborhood it's in! We're very happy to be moving in and having it be OURS!!! Apartment living is the pits.

We plan to be living in the house by this weekend (especially if we can get the gas line put in by then... for the stove :) ), so my next set of belly pics will be in a different bathroom!

Yes, there has been knitting. Just not much, because even though I can't do any lifting in this move, there still isn't very much time for knitting right now.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!

I'm so glad to hear everything went smoothly and you're now homeowners!! Congrats!

Hope we can come visit soon!

Tina - omme i London aka teeweewonders said...

What wonderful news for you. Perfect setting for your new baby. :)

Taoknitter said...

I just love this! I am very excited for you. Congrats!