Sunday, April 13, 2008


I done borked my intarnetz posting these pics. They're being stubborn about being reordered and such, probably because I'm putting them in an edit (long story), so here are they are, as I promised, but in no particular order.

First up are a few garden pics. In the first, you can see the lovely show of bulbs that has popped up in the last weeks. I claim credit for none of them.

Here you may see some of the highly ambitious grape hyacinths (they're trying to take over the yard!!!!) as well as the partial hoeing job I did on the one bed the other day. Note also the incipient raspberry canes that I need a shovel-like thing to cope with; I think I can borrow one from a neighbor until we can get our own.

This is a BSJ I have all but finished. I still need to join the shoulder seams and weave in the ends, but I really like how it's turning out. I'm making it (and a few other things when my queue is clearer) out of two pairs of Koigu socks I loved dearly, and so they got holes in the heels, and since I hate the way darns feel under my feet, I'm recycling the yarn for the next generation. :)

Speaking of the next generation... here's mah belleh at 32 and a half (or so) weeks. Igor has been making her/his presence most emphatically known lately, and although nothing *hurts* yet, I would not be at all surprised if I came out of this with a cracked rib or two.

Below is a shot purely for the cute of it. When Peppar is just-woken-up sleepy, she puts up with the most remarkable array of nonsense. In this case, Josh arranged my teddy bear on her. I should submit the shot to

I'm not sure why this shot got doubled. It's my rose, the one I've been nursing for two whole years now(!!!!!!), being very happy in today's sunshine.

This is a nearly finished (needs buttons) BSJ my mom made for Igor; it's probably 6 month or so sized, which is good, because the ones I make all turn out 0-3 month sized. :/ It's Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted (I forget the exact name, so sue me!); we both love how the varigations pooled in deliberate-seeming sections in the over-the-bum section.

This doubled, too, but I think that one was a user error. Yet another BSJ, this time in Dalegarn Baby Ull. I'm very fond of how the rainbow striping turned out. Again, I need to weave in the ends and seam the shoulders. Sense a pattern? I sure do!

Aaaand the Igor belleh, this time from the front. I really need to apply the nice lotion more often to my poor appendix scar down the bottom front there. :/


Anonymous said...

Boy, for not being fond of garter stitch you've certainly got a lot of BSJ love going on! And I don't think I've ever seen that many knitting pictures here at once before ;)

The belly looks fantastic!

And the boys asked to go play in your yard after we left last time. I think they felt robbed we had such a short visit. Next time.

Taoknitter said...

You don't like garter stitch either?! I hate it, but loving these sweaters, I have been tempted to get over it.

I love all of the pics...cannot wait to meet Igor. I loved figuring out what we had in our garden when we moved in...tons of grape hyacinth here, too.

I hope you are loving it, house, garden, family...

Sorry I have been MIA...have been reading when you show up on my blog radar...thinking of you while I re-arrange my life.

I might just send your baby gift to Susi so you two have to meet!

Rachel said...

omigoodness it's a baby belly! and your hair is short again! what have i been doing with my life that i haven't been reading this blog?!?! i am SO coming to visit.... xoxoxoxox KEES DA BELLEH!