Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Was at an actual-factual SCA event this weekend!!!! ZOMG!!! However, I haven't seen much sun in about a year and a half - a) Pacific Northwest = rain and b) I'm inside on the computer most of the day anyway. So most of my Californian gilding has gone the way of the dinosaurs, and I am Celtic fish-belly white all over.. and it was a beautiful, sunny, almost-warm day. So there I was, sitting, eating my lunch with all that lovely sun full in my face... so warm, so lovely... and I'm incredibly prone to sunburn anyway. D'oh! So I pulled out a kerchief I'd brought along for a just-in-case, pulled a couple of pins out of my sewing basket, and pinned it on my coifed head as neatly as I could (while not being able to see it). I felt pretty goofy, and indeed *I* look pretty goofy in this picture, but the veil actually looks pretty decent. Pretty good for instant period sunblock, eh?
The outfit I have on is my blue linen kirtle under the russet wool kirtle - a much less fuzzy pic than the previous one. Actually, it's the same outfit as that pic, all except the smock, which is the one I made for the Elizabethan outfit. I really like how it works under these kirtles, so I think I may make more to thise design in the future... I thought it was kinda funny that I brought 'working' clothes, since I ended up spending almost all day working in the kitchen. The veil incident took place during the hour and a half I had after lunch and before starting dinner - this pic was actually taken right before I went back to work, and the veil and coif were both off in the next 5 minutes.
I did get the loose gown wearably complete, but I did not, alas, manage to get any pictures. Soon, I promise, soon! It was nice and toasty-warm at night when it got chilly... and made a nice extra layer on top of my sleeping bag!

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