Saturday, April 01, 2006

Took a slight break from my 'lizzie project to remake an old wool T-tunic that never worked right: I moved the gores from the sides to front/back and recut the body and sleevesto make it in the style of the working overkirtle from Medieval Tailor's Assistant... and now it looks good and I love it! I need to do something with the neckline still, and the unevenness of the hem may eventually bother me enough to just redo it entirely someday... but it still looks good to me! The pic's a little out of focus, but you can see everything important.

I also did take a tiny step forward on the 'lizzie project today (while taking the kirtle for a test run) and hemmed the smock. Yay, a piece DONE!!!! Even if it's the least important part (the hem, I mean), it still feels good to have a piece of that done, since I can't move forward until I finish the corset... le sigh. But yay! Something done!

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