Sunday, February 07, 2010

Out and about

In pursuit of my resolution to get out of the house more, and in celebration of the recent occasionally nice weather, we've gotten to some fun places recently.

Here we are with the Quiet One* and her aunt and uncle at Gilbert House:

Gilbert House

Friday and today (Sunday) were gorgeous sunny days, and we ended up at the park with some of my knitting friends and their kids. For a change, I remembered my camera - again! That's three times in a week!

At the Park

* I've decided to call the Infanta's friend K by this pseudonym. She very quiet in comparison to the Infanta and the Hurricane, and it's also something of an homage to my younger brother, who maintained a cartoon involving a bunny with a sledgehammer and the caption "No one suspects the quiet ones!" on our refrigerator growing up. If you'd grown up with him, you'd keep an eye on the quiet ones, too!


Lamentation said...

I'm pretty sure that was an uzi, not a hammer. but the point stands :D

-Big brother

Barbara said...

Yes, it was a machine gun. He's still quiet ... and has a deadly wicked sense of humor.

Batty said...

The sun is shining here too. I want to get out. Maybe later...

Rachel said...

Herself is so big! And cute! And boy does she look like her mama! So excited about possibility of actually seeing u guys IRL this summer!!