Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cuteness of the day

A, the Quiet One, and the new one are here for a few hours. Since they arrived at lunchtime, we all sat at the table and ate. The Infanta was in her high chair, but since we only have one, the Quiet One was bouncing around, doing things on a regular chair fit to give me a heart attack.

At almost the end of the meal, the Infanta (who been listening to a chorus of this the whole time) said, "Quiet One* sit down!" When the Quiet One sat(!), the Infanta followed with "Thank you!"

*Herself actually used the real name here.


caramama said...

Very cute!

My girl does things in the chair that regularly gives me heart attacks. It's such a challenge to get her to sit forward and still and at all. But she's not a quiet one. Maybe the Infanta can come over some day and get her to sit.

Rachel said...

love it! I had a girl in my class one year who would imitate me fussing at the other kids all the time and it was hilarious!

不舒服 said...
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