Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dangit, it's what they're for!

I found this article very timely. My in-laws are great folks, and absolutely adore Lina (as they should!). But... my father-in-law is very modest about breastfeeding, to the point that he'll go into another room when I need to nurse the little girl. It makes it pretty awkward for me, sadly. I don't think he disapproves of breastfeeding at all, he's just extremely modest...

How can you not adore an image of a newborn nursing for the first time?


Tomas said...

Congrats on a darling child. It has been a while since I have last spoke to you. but I got a bug to look you up and I am glad I did. It makes me very happy to see you in such a good place.

Tony M.

I hope to talk to you soon

Tomas (dot) egilsson (at) g mail.

Rachel said...

nice article! i feel a burning urge to post it in every public place i come across.....
hugs and kisses to you and lina and josh,