Thursday, May 15, 2008

First, the inevitable Belly shot. It's not a skin shot this time because I'm modeling my brand new, just arrived in the mail ten minutes before Bravado nursing tank. Comfy!!!

I'm now 37 weeks and pretty much down to playing the waiting game. I hate waiting, always have, but at least this give me knitting time. :) The most uncomfortable part is that I'm now suffering heartburn bad enough that it occasionally makes me throw up... and Maalox doesn't do much. >.< Oh, well, a few weeks, and that'll be done, and I'll have other things to worry about...

Remember the peonies I got a snowy shot of a few weeks ago? This one is currently gracing our dining room table. The color's a bit off - the depth and intensity are about right, but it's actually a vibrant magenta, not red. It also smells WONDERFUL, although the fragrance is very light and you have to stick your nose right in the flower to catch it. I'm so glad for the delightful surprises my new garden keeps giving me... even with the occasional unpleasant one.

These three little charmers are Josh's nieces (I suppose mine, too, now, but I haven't quite gotten comfy with that notion yet). In order of age and height, they are Rachel, Paige, and Jessica; Rachel and Jessica are sisters, and the daughters of the younger of Josh's two elder sisters. Paige is the daughter of Josh's eldest sister. They're all dressed up for their great-grandfather's funeral last Friday, and looked so sweet and beautiful that this is almost the only picture I (well, Josh, really) took of the occasion, despite my best intentions. The funeral was... ambiguously melancholy; Grandpa Roy was Grandma's second husband, and while a lovely man, most of Josh's family wasn't terribly attached to him. It did serve for an opportunity for me to cry some for my own departed grandparents, for whom I hadn't really had much chance to mourn. A little embarrassing to be sobbing at the funeral of a man I barely knew, but hey, you grieve when you can, right?

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