Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life keeps rolling..

I took a couple of pictures today of current knitting; I'll try to publish them later tonight. I"m kind of under a time crunch right now, and don't feel like going through all the steps to get them on here. But I did feel like posting to fill some time; go figure, right?

What's going on in my world: the biggest thing right now is that we're house hunting. Running around with our very sweet realtor, finding that the houses we can afford all look like crap (well, almost all), all that fun stuff. I'm learning that offers get made and withdrawn pretty often when you're at this stage, so I'll post more definite news when I have something solid; I don't right now.

Igor is doing fine, by the evidence; I'm just shy of 24 weeks and feeling movement pretty often now. I'm suspecting something of a growth spurt, because I've been hungry a lot recently; on the other hand, that could also be that I've fallen out of my good eating habits. Still. The baby belly grows, the pelvis turns to rubber, you know, dead boring. Except that it's me, right? :) I have evidently hit the part of pregnancy where one is too hot all the time, because I have been for the last several days. Funny how your fingers and toes can be cold while you're sweating under a light shirt... Maybe I'll take some fresh pics before I post the lot tonight. I know you're all champing at the bit to see!

I'm pretty low energy right now. I didn't sleep at all well last night, mainly because I was anticipating our realtor coming over at 6:30 this morning (!!!) to sign some urgent paperwork; however, I also have a dental appointment this afternoon.. such fun. At least I"ll have knitting to do during the parts where I'm waiting around.

More later!

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Taoknitter said...

ooh, yes...pics...knitting, pregnant bellies...sounds so weird!!!!

Sending good vibes for a happy house hunting experience.