Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Yet another WIP

Yes, Peggy, they are striped. :)

I mentioned a month or so back that I had something distracting me that I couldn't post about yet. Well, the time has come that it looks like I can finally come clean and public about it, so I am!

As of today, I am thirteen weeks pregnant. I'm due more or less the first half of June, assuming everything goes well. Other than as-yet unpredictable morning sickness (will I be functional today or not? let's spin the wheel and see!), I'm doing ok. I think I'm out of things to say about it right now! Nothing exciting, other than the fact itself, which is as it should be.


Lamentation said...

What, No comments?

Well... Congrats, Kate from the big brother of DOOOM! Love and kisses too!

And awesome stripes

Anonymous said...

Yes, we comment! It just takes me awhile to get anything done!

Officially, Congrats! When the Christmas knitting craze is over I will start the tiny wee adorable things craze.

Love the stripes.

Tina - omme i London said...

Congratulations, what lovely news. As for the stripes - are you going to reveal what you're knitting?