Thursday, July 14, 2011


So, my good friend Stephania and I did something extremely cool. If you're a knitter, you're probably aware that Sock Summit is coming up... and if yo're aware of Sock Summit, you probably know about Fleece to Foot and the accompanying Design for Glory.

I was whining one afternoon about a test-knit I was working on; next thing I knew, I had Steph saying, "We should enter Design For Glory. I'm thinking a steampunk theme." And.. a few days later (amid pencil smears, crisped brain cells, dirty diapers, and "helpful" toddlers) we had an entry. Lace, gears, sprockets, a ruffle.. bits you might find in a mad knitter's workbasket.

The pattern will be available soon; no promises, but we're hoping for either at Sock Summit or soon after.

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Undecided said...

I love that you can knit a sweater...