Monday, May 23, 2011

Knock Me Flat

I love using cloth diapers, but I lost my momentum with using them eighteen months ago; the Infanta has been primarily in disposable diapers since then. Elessar has also been in mostly 'sposies since she was born.. I make sporadic efforts to switch to cloth, but since it mostly ends up being an extra layer of stress that triggers my PPD*, I've been purposefully letting it go.

But I keep looking for inspiration to get back to my cloth. One of my Twitter mamas started talking a couple days ago about the Flats Challenge and it sounded interesting, so I checked it out and I'm in! Back when the Infanta was born we purchased a package of flats; they languished unused in a drawer until Elessar proved to be a spitty baby, and we needed burp cloths stat. I also have assorted receiving blankets that will work well, too.

Because of my PPD*, I'm going to modify my participation some (and therefore won't be linking myself to the challenge directly - they seem pretty all-or-nothing). 1) I'll be machine washing. 2) I will use 'sposies (or other diapers) as needed - at night, or if I just need to go for the "easy" route.

*I say "PPD" (post-partum depression), but I mean "PPMD" (post-partum mood disorder) because I have a lot of anxiety, too.

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Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Yes, you've got to let so much go (and then on top of that, you've got to let the guilt over letting so much go) to concentrate on existing (or even healing) and being with your family. It will be okay. I beat myself up religiously for dropping ec with ds2 for a while because it was causing me so much anxiety. Guess what? He decided he was "all done!!!" with dipes before he was 2 years old anyway. He kept his awareness of pottying and I didn't ruin him for life (much to my shock)

I keep trying to remind myself that my kids would rather have me than anything else. Everything EVERYTHING else is chuckable, except YOU. You: happy, playing or just being. That's all they want (even harpy mama or often-break mama is better than no mama)