Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Drinking game!

Because I can't do anything for my friend and client A, who's in the hospital right now dealing with preterm labor, I'm going to rough out a drinking game based on Thomas the Tank Engine.

Essentially, take a drink every time one of the following occurs: any of the characters exclaims (cinders and ashes, flatten my funnel, etc.); any time the words "useful" or "reliable" are mentioned; any time Sir Toppham Hatt is pompous. Following these guidelines, you should be nicely tipsy by the end of a single episode!

On a completely different note, all you Jane Austen nuts should go read this. Now. Swallow first, and if you don't, don't say I didn't warn you.


caramama said...

OMG! That link you gave is fantastic! Too funny, and absolutely true.

Batty said...

We were watching a Thomas Jefferson biography the other day, and it occurred to us that one could make a great drinking game out of it. Every time he says "revolution" or retreats to Monticello... take a drink!

Joya Hastings said...

Hi Katie!
Did you know George Carlin is the Thomas narrator?!? He would definitely approve of the drinking game :)

Darbie said...

omg atom is SO obsessed w/these dang trains...drunkenness here i come! lol