Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sue me, kids eat time!

I know a bunch of other moms who not only also have infants, but older children as well. How they manage to blog so much more regularly than me, I don't know. Must be practice...

I'm posting for once because someone on my babywearing list posted about this contest - and the site looks awesome enough in general that I decided to play. Besides, I so wouldn't say no to an Ergo!

And now, I know you're all champing at the bit for pictures of Little Girl.

This was Halloween - mama and baby kitties!

With Great-Grandma, on my birthday (as it happens).

Baby's first garb (and this is a dual purpose shot - something I've been working on!!! It's a UFO, but I'll finish it, I hope soon...).

This is L, a 4 year old I've been watching during the day for about a month now. And no, she's really not mine, but everyone thinks she is! This is a shot of her at Gilbert House.

That's all for now!


Karinda said...

Very cute pic of you and Lina together.

Rachel said...

i love the kitties costumes! don't worry, i will not press charges, seeing as all MY time is being eaten by a similar source, even if they're just my students ;))