Sunday, October 19, 2008


has been requested.

First up: at OFFF, this is Lina and Mia's Gunner, who is generously sharing his big sister's cold. To be fair, after he sucked Lina's thumb, he gave her his, too.

Lina and our friend Penelope (Penny) at Gilbert House. Penny is about two months older than Lina (hence she's sitting while Lina's doing tummy time), but because she's very petite, Lina's actually a touch bigger. But they're wearing about the same size clothes, so at the swap yesterday, Penny's mom and I were snapping up all the cute girl's clothes in size 6-9 mos.

It's not a mouth, it's a clown car. I can say no more.

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Rachel said...

so cute!!!!
just wait till she sticks something up her nose.... :))
xooxoxoxoxox rachel