Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sleep Deprivation and other pleasures

I haven't gotten to sleep very much the last couple of nights, between some random internal thing of my own and Lina suddenly having learned about comfort nursing (I think).

This is my current favorite Lina picture.


caramama said...

Very cute pic! She is adorable.

Good luck with the teething! My little one had huge sleep regressions when teething. Definitely no fun.

Rachel said...

hey! she's sucking those 2 fingers you were talking about! ye gods, she's cute. sending happy vibes your way to help you through teething.... just wait for molars, that's when it gets REALLY interesting....

Sweet Peas Doula said...

Your little one sure likes her fingers. Sam seems to be majorly teething at the moment, and if I let his arms out of his swaddle blanket he cannot sleep or relax -- he is frenzied trying to get his fingers in his mouth.

Hope you rest more soon.