Friday, July 25, 2008

more cat pictures

Yes, I'm cheating, posting with lolcats instead of knitting or baby. But this one was so exactly Peppar's reaction to us vacuuming...

Ok, ok, since I'm posting, here's some of the other content.

These are a couple of wool soakers I made a couple of weeks before Lina was born; she has now outgrown them. *sigh*

And this is the lovely Peggy with Vacuum Girl herself, back at the end of June when we visited her on a particularly warm weekend. Peggy was thrilled, Lina spent the day fussing badly.

I haven't taken any pictures this last week; was having too darn much fun with our very dear friend Br. Vincent, who was visiting us on his vacation, and has now headed back to the abbey.

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