Friday, January 18, 2008

Still Not Dead.

Just being bad about posting.

I don't have any pix ready for posting right now, one big reason I haven't posted lately. Yes, Tiennie, the mittens were striped, and their recipient LOVES them. I like them a lot, too, and will probably make some for myself at some point.

Igor (that's Eye-gor, like in Young Frankenstein, just a use-name until the weevil arrives), also known as MendyBaby to any Knitty types, is now twenty weeks and moving more than the San Andreas Fault. The genetic testing came up completely clean (yay!), so I'm just waiting for the ultrasound on Monday to completely confirm my assumptions of perfection. :) I am now indisputably showing, even if it's not obvious to anyone who doesn't know me (my favorite ginormous green sweater that I wear all the time is probably a good muffler, even if I don't intend it that way). I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going to get very big at all, given my proportions - tall, relatively long-bodied (in absolute terms, if not in proportion to myself), with wide hips for Igor to nestle into when I'm upright... I'm definitely in need of proper maternity clothes now, though, from the skin out! The only things that even come close to fitting properly right now (besides the assorted comfy pants I'm living in most of the time) are the new bras I insisted we get me last weekend - and even they're a little off, because I bought bras with room to grow!

Knitting! I've actually been knitting a lot more the last few weeks. Part of that is that I want to get my bump sweater finished before I don't need it anymore (although the miles of straight 2x2 rib I'm working on at the moment aren't very enticing), and part of it is that I want to get my brother's kilt hose done in good time for his wedding at the end of March. It's also that I just plain have energy for it now... some of the time, anyway. :) I'm also working on a pair of Monkeys for a doula colleague - she's also expecting, about a week ahead of me, and is making me a sling. I'm making the Monkeys partly in exchange, partly just to make her something. And it's finally the perfect project for the STR that I bought at OFFF last September, because it's just in her all-time favorite colors. So that project is win on all sides. :)

That's probably enough of a book for now. I should go make food and get dressed and stuff like that... More posts soon! I promise! (maybe)

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Taoknitter said...

Oh, so glad all is well!! Thinking of you often! Are you going to thrill us all with pics of your changing shape? C''s fun and you can think of it as documentation!