Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Rainbow of Socks!

I haven't posted recently because I'm pretty distracted with a big chunk of life right now. Maybe I can post about it soon.

In the mean time, I was putting my socks away after washing a couple of days ago, and realized that I can do the classic ROY G BIV with them - well, I wore the greenurple ones yesterday, so they're not in this picture... but you get the idea. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm very jealous. I only have 3 everyday pairs so far.
They look wonderful, but I don't see the new STR ones yet!!

Enjoy your chunk of life and take care of yourself.

Ann said...

You KNIT all of those??!! I am so impressed! I have knit 3 socks...1 pair and one with no match because I got bored. I think hand-knitted socks are so cool...I wish I found them interesting to knit.

Thanks for your support on my blog. You and Peggy and a few other KNITTERS have always been so great. I was getting irritated with the dressmakers who keep coming, getting info, taking ideas and then presenting them as their own!!! Could not really find a way to say that on the blog without coming across as the true major bitch that I am! I did not want to alienate the dressmakers that I like. Anyway, thank you so much! Gonna post the same to both are great!