Saturday, July 28, 2007


To everyone poking their noses here from MasonDixon! And everyone else, for that matter. ;)

It may appear that I am a poor knit blogger because I have very few pictures up, and none of my knitting. There are reasons for this! My digital camera is as dead as Marley (choose one), and the household budget is too slender to acquire another. Rest assured that I do in fact record my knitting (when I think it's worth it.. socks comprise most of my knitting, and much as I like them, I don't usually bother photographing them), and when I get a chance to develop the roll, I'll get them on disc so I can post! Because I want proof of my awesome knitting's existence, too. ;D

Project updates: I'm about 5" down the leg of Jaywalker #2. Josh thinks they're very warm, and isn't impatient for them before the weather gets cool, so they're not a high priority. My Print o'the Wave is... on hiatus, sorta... I'm very distracted by my Monkey! Plus baby alpaca isn't the most fun to knit with in high summer. Did I mention the distracting, addicting Monkey yet? Maybe I should say some more about that. I did 8 repeats down the leg instead of the recommended 6, turned the heel, and am mostly done with the gusset. I'll prolly have that finished by tonight, especially since I'm going to a BBQ with a lot of people I don't know and I hate being social with strangers. Knitting's great for hiding behind!

Why, you may ask, am I subjecting myself to this social indignity? Well, it's not for Josh's work. I'm a volunteer for the Gentle Birth World Congress, in the hopes that doing work trade will actually let me go. Tonight is a BBQ to meet other volunteers and (I think) form committees.. not sure on that last part.


Barbara Harper said...

We enjoyed plank salmon, fresh blackberry pie and off the vine blackberries and had a meeting in the back yard.

We'll help you get over your social anxieties. If I can, you can too!!

Barbara Harper
aka the potluck thrower and director of the Gentle Birth World Congress

PS: Look for your link to a Survey Monkey Survey about your roles, responsibilities and expectations as a volunteer for the Congress.

Miss Sandra said...

Hee Hee- nice caption on the Mason Dixon contest!
I've tried the Print o' Wave myself this summer on baby alpaca and have frogged it 3 times. It has been (ahem) put aside also. The pattern's not difficult--I fear I do not have fine lace mojo.