Friday, May 11, 2007

Ok, so I'm joining the Super Sox Box Swap. Looks like fun, I've been looking to find a sock swap thing to join, I'm glad to have found one before the signup period was over!

Super Sox Box Swap Questionnaire:

What are your favorite colors? What colors make you cringe? Well, I tend to prefer blues, greens, purples and the like, but I sometimes find myself drawn to wierd oranges and even pinks sometimes, which then knit up into some of my favorite socks. So it all depends. If it's right, it's right!

Are you a new sock knitter? how long have you been knitting socks? I've been knitting socks since Stitches West '03, so a little over 4 years now.

Do you prefer solid or multicolored yarn? I usually prefer multicolored yarns, so that I don't get bored with what I'm seeing, but my current WIP, which I've ripped completely 3 times now, is a solid sort of slate blue (KnitPicks Gloss in Dusk), and I'm not bored with the color yet.. so again, it depends on the individual yarn and its color.

What fibers do you prefer in sock yarn? Wool. Merino, preferably. And I've noticed that I'm coming to detest nylon/wool or nylon/cotton/wool blends.

Where do you usually knit socks? Anywhere I have time, space, and light, from sitting at my computer to riding the bus to car trips to dinner at my in-law's. I find movies don't work, because I can't see my stitches!

Where do you usually carry/store small projects? When I was in grad school, I put my knitting (and tools) into a nifty project envelope I found at a stationery store, and put that into my backpack. Now I put the envelope into a bright red shoulder bag, which also often carries larger projects as well.

What are your favorite sock knitting patterns? Any favorite designers? The sock I've made the very most is the Waving Lace sock from an IK (I could look it up, but...). I've also made the Country Socks from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks prolly half a dozen times. I really like Nancy Bush. I don't always like her designs, but I want to own all of her sock books. I also want to meet a new favorite sock designer - I like the look of Cookie A.'s work, but my budget is too small to really look at her very seriously right now.

What are your favorite sock knitting techniques? Uh.. knit? Well, more seriously, I just recently learned how to make an eye of partridge heel, and I'm totally in love with it. I'm way more of a top-down person, although I do have a toe-up pair on the needles, because I figure I should learn it before I knock it! I love making lace socks, and I love tall socks (always hard, because I'm long and have long feet, and the skeins you can buy never have enough to make them...). I prefer patterns that involve ribbing of some sort.

What techniques would you like to try? Well, I loved the way Eunny's entrelac socks in the Spring 07 IK looked.. especially since I've been wanting to learn entrelac for some time, but have never been able to justify the yarn expense (cuz you have to do something with the learning piece!). I guess I'm more inerested in different patterns with techniques I know well, than in trying something different.

Do you prefer circulars or dpns for sock knitting? Both socks on the needles right now are on circs.. but that was because my favorite dpns were involved in something else when I cast on (and I don't have enough size 0 dpns any more for one of the projects!). I'm equally comfortable with 2 circs or 4-5 dpns.

What are some of your favorite yarns? My favoritest yarn I've worked with is Koigu. Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn was interesting; I'm not happy about how the nylon is wearing, but I'd like to do more with it.

What yarn do you adore and yearn for? I'd absolutely LOVE to try STR!

Any pattern you would love to make if money and time were no object? Um.. I'd have to go cruising. I'd love to feel free to go browse Cookie A.'s collection; the few things of hers I've looked at are amazing!

Favorite kinds of needles? (brand, materials, straights, circs, etc.) The circs I use are 16" Addi Turbos (sizes 0 and 1). My favoritest dpns are Brittany in birch, the short ones that look like toothpicks (and break like them, too!). I have those in size 1; I don't know if they make 0s, that might be too small for the wood! I don't like metal dpns, I find them too heavy for the fabric, usually.

If you were a sepcific kind of yarn, what would you be? Oh, gosh, I don't know.. I don't think I've met enough yarns! Something snuggly and warm, probably a merino blended with alpaca or silk or something similarly pretty, but refined, not a bulky. I couldn't really name a particular yarn.

Do you have a favorite mail-able candy or snack? Sweet or salty? My favorite cracker is White Parmesan Cheez-its, which I don't get very often.

Do you collect anything? um... orts? stray scraps of paper? dust? Books, actually, I have a pretty decent library of my favorite sf authors, knitting references, and costuming references (one of my other geeks being the making and wearing of historical costumes).

What is your favorite scent? Lavender. But in pure, as essential oil, not artificially, and not usually mixed with anything. If it's a choice between an artificial or mixed lavender or nothing, I'll go for nothing!

Will you be celebrating a birthday, anniversary, etc. between now and the close of the swap? No.

What is your favorite animal? Real animal? Cats. Fantasy animal? Dragon.

Do you have pets? What are their names/species/ages? We have two cats: the elder (at about 6 years) is named Eevie; she's fat, white-and-black, and long-haired. The younger (just a year) is named Peppar, and is shorthaired and black.

Tell me the best quote you've ever heard or read. Ask me an easy one why don't you? I have half an MA in Lit, I've read so much... I think one of the few that consistently stays with me is Churchill's "The only thing we need fear is fear itself." I could dig up some others.. Eleanor Roosevelt, Oscar Wilde, etc., but the Churchill comes to me immediately. Edit: I was just reading Ina May Gaskin's Spiritual Midwifery, and the instant I read, "Truly caring for people cannot be a part time job," I made it my email sig, because that's my life.

What is your motto in life? Somewhere between "Life is good" and "One damn thing after another." I'm not much on one-liners; I think too much.

Do you have a wishlist? (Amazon, LYS, etc.) No, but I could make one if my buddy wants to see one!

Anything else you wish to share? Nothing I can think of off-hand; ask me!

Allergies? Nothing relevant to this, although I am sensitive to cigar and cigarette smoke.

Coffee? Tea? Tea! I like Earl Grey and Constant Comment. My auntie gave me this yummy French tea with flowers in it once...

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Anonymous said...

I keep thinking it would be fun to do a knitting swap like that. But I'm not sure I could answer all those questions!