Monday, February 26, 2007

It has been a couple of weeks.. a little has happened.

Still working on those socks - not finished with #1 yet. I still really like the pattern, but it is hard on my hands, being a tight gauge on smaller needles than I usually use for socks.

I finished the body of the sweater I"m making last night. I'm basing it off the one shown here, the Sienna Cardigan in IK's Fall '06 issue. Since I naturally don't have access to the exact yarn and needles, I'm using size 8s and KnitPick's Merino Style, rather than #9s and the Blue Sky Alpaca whatever the pattern calls for. Someday I'd like to make it again in the exact yarn, but that'll be a while, since my yarn budget is slender and KnitPicks is vastly closer to my reach than Blue Sky Alpaca is. Adapting the pattern for a different gauge is.. interesting, but a valuable lesson, and I'm glad I'm doing it. I think the biggest change I'm making, other than yarn and gauge (and making the body in one piece, because why sew more seams than you have to?), is that I'm doing the sleeves differently - I can't stand not to be able to push my sleeves up, and I wouldn't be able to do that with the original design. So rather than a neat hem-thing, I'm going to do ribbing to echo the ribbing on the body.

The single biggest thing in my life in the last couple weeks is that I cut my hair! I went from waist-length hair to an earlobe-length bob; I think I'll try and stay this length for a while, or maybe play around a little with styles around this length, for a number of reasons. Among those, in no particular order: it's easier to care for, Josh likes short hair, and I gather short hair is easier around babies (and we're more or less trying to get pregnant). I plan to donate the tail to Locks of Love; I'm just waiting for payday to afford the shipping!

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