Sunday, July 27, 2008

Post 101

Signing in to Blogger just now, I discovered that the last time I posted, it was #100. Funny to think that in almost two and a half years I've only posted 100 times...

Anyway, I was looking through the pictures on my camera just now, and discovered that I lied: we did get some Lina pix last week.

This is her in her adorable little baby coolie hat, which we found in the awesome spice store we visited in Olympia a few weeks ago.

Anyway, this is the little eight-week-old angel less than an hour ago (before she woke up from her nap screaming because she was hungry and there was no one in sight). Daddy's playing with her so Mommy can eat and finish her blog post. :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

more cat pictures

Yes, I'm cheating, posting with lolcats instead of knitting or baby. But this one was so exactly Peppar's reaction to us vacuuming...

Ok, ok, since I'm posting, here's some of the other content.

These are a couple of wool soakers I made a couple of weeks before Lina was born; she has now outgrown them. *sigh*

And this is the lovely Peggy with Vacuum Girl herself, back at the end of June when we visited her on a particularly warm weekend. Peggy was thrilled, Lina spent the day fussing badly.

I haven't taken any pictures this last week; was having too darn much fun with our very dear friend Br. Vincent, who was visiting us on his vacation, and has now headed back to the abbey.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just sayin'.


(eta: ugh. The pic won't all fit! iz kyoote tho.)

Monday, July 21, 2008

Things you realize after too much caffeine.

First, here's a picture of Lina, just to satisfy those questions. It's been a month since I last posted, because she's been keeping me that busy! This was taken a week ago, the day she turned six weeks, and also the day she broke the "smile barrier" - it's a little blurry, but that is a fully conscious smile!

But the real reason I'm posting. I had too dang much caffeine today, and so I was just lying there, tossing and trying to sleep, and had (again, but it's always astonishing) the realization that I'm an adult, and don't have to answer to anyone in particular for my actions. Specifically, I don't have to tell my mom where I'm going...

Allow me to put it into perspective: I have a four-year college degree; I will be thirty-two on my next birthday; Josh and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary in about two weeks; we bought a house this spring; I have a professional career, and I'm now a mother myself. And I still have moments - ever more frequently, lately - where I suddenly have that sensation of freedom, of not being answerable to anyone but my husband for my immediate actions (well, and society in general, but nothing in particular to fear there). It's muchly because I lived my my folks for so long, out of necessity; but even when I wasn't living with family, I was living under some other authority - be it the college when I was in the dorms, or the land-lord types at our apartment(s). Now, it's only us - and the bank that holds the mortgage, but that's really a very different feeling. We owe them money, but we don't have to behave according to a code that they lay out for us. We own a house, and therefore are trusted to behave in accordance with community standards, without having those standards handed to us on a photocopy that we have to sign in blood.

Anyway. Lina will be awake in an hour or so to nurse, I'd better try to get some sleep.